Our Growing Family, Welcoming Our Seeds

by - May 16, 2016

We anticipated our due date in the later part of Spring this year, so we counted every second with eagerness, happiness, and a high sense of calm and accomplishment as we anticipated our seeds to take their first earthly breath. It felt good to think about hearing their first cry, touch and smell them, to see who they looked like : feel them within our soul and in the sole of our palms.

We barely had any names picked as we centered our curiosity more on their perceived personalities. We talked often about what traits they would embody, and prayed they engulfed our positive traits only. Thinking back, it really feels good to be writing about this. Not a single moment did we focus on something going wrong, there's really a uniqueness about positive thinking.

Anyway, during this process, I gained a new love and respect for my Queen, seeing first-hand the challenges she would face during her journey to motherhood, and how she overcame them, was really inspiring and enlightening to experience. I really enjoyed her maturity as a woman, her love, and her positive attitude in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy.

Her body transformed ( I don't know how many times i'm going to talk about her body) and so did  bodies of her seeds, as a soon to be mother, she cared for them with all her heart even before she met them. She would sing to them at night when they were so giddily racing with each other in utero-world. I would like to think I played an "ok role" being source to support and comforter, but she played the major role in nursing herself and her seeds making sure they synergistically benefited. 

We would go the medical appointments together, and we were both so eager to hear their 168- to - 169 racing heartbeats ; seeing them via 3D ultrasonography was so so cool and very assuring, and we felt blessed to hear the Physician say week after week "everything is fine". We came home each day after our appointments with copies of the ultrasound foto's and we plan to make a nice collage one day. 

I found myself calling her more during the day when we were both at work, more than before, I didn't worry more, I l loved more. As time went by, mummy would get tired more and more, but the woman she is, would work more, and give her all, and wouldn't let two new heartbeats slow her down. But the two new heartbeats came with demands, demands  that for the sake of their wellbeing and health, she had to take time of earlier than anticipated. A decision so tough, and challenging, but was the best choice for us all. 

She would later be admitted  for closer monitoring of her and her seeds. The hospital room became her new home until she would come Home. The warmth and hospitality from the staff at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center, Paterson, NJ was heavenly, and we thank God for all the team involved in our care, they were beyond excellent, and most importantly SAFE. We couldn't have asked for a better place to care for us. 

An evening in March, we welcomed our son and daughter, after an emergency caesarian section. They came out with a bang. We had stayed at the hospital for quite sometime, and was being monitored meticulously by an amazing staff, therefore we knew were assured  that everything would be ok. Our babies stayed in the hospital approximately 54 days after being born. Seems like a long time, but it was vital that they did. Seeing them grow was witnessing God at work. 

We visited each day, and saw them grow every second, we didn't miss a beat. It was quite challenging to see them in the hospital not at home after their birth, but God's plan is always the best, we stayed positive throughout, and they reached their milestones one day at at time...........They turned 2 months today.
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Love Always, 

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