Whew! Where Do We Start ?

by - February 10, 2018

The last two years have been the most challenging in our seven, going on eight years together. We've always had a keen interest in becoming parents, but we did not take into consideration the expansive responsibilities, mixed with anxiety, and the less time we would spend with each other. Whew! When was our last vacation? When was our last date night? Movie night? Our lives, changed forever, but, it has with so much excitement, although we occasionally feel like we are walking on eggshells as new parents. 

Our lovely babies have been the best blessing in our lives, and we cannot have enough of their silliness as they age. Most importantly, the challenges we've faced and still face raising them, even with healthcare backgrounds, have not been a walk in the park.  In actuality, our backgrounds in healthcare serve as a double-edged sword in keeping us grounded, and keeping us on the edge.  

We wholeheartedly did not take into consideration how much our lives would change when we became parents. In the midst of seeing mothers taking their children to the park, soccer practice, karate, swimming and other activities; we always saw that as "cute", and we would often say " can't wait to do this one day". We are gradually becoming experts in sleeping less, and thinking less for our selves. Our lives evolve and revolve around these cute gems. And, the joys they bring keep us going. 

In defining challenges, what do we mean? Now "us" has changed from two to four, that means it takes more time to get ready to leave home, and it takes more planning in doing the simplest things. Spending time together is cherished more, as most of our time is spent either at work or with our babies. As they meet their milestones, feeding them becomes an ordeal, as the mince play with eating, and are picky with their taste buds. Some mornings feeding them for breakfast is a walk in the park, the next morning, the same meal is foreign to them. We must stay; we have finally understood what real patience means. 

As we curtail our new beautifully challenging life we get multiple "eureka" moments which make us  understand the processes that bring a family collage to harmony.  The most significant lesson learned as new parents is the appreciation for our parents; we get the whole picture now. In our next post, we will take you through our emotions and we welcomed our babies, and how overwhelmed we were....and how essential a shared responsibility in raising our babies. 

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