Love and Humble Beginnings 2

by - February 20, 2013

So, erm ....we have to make some additions to the previous post humble beginnings. We've been reminded by honored readers of significant and magnificent "humble beginning" milestones. Most readers suggested we emphasize on the magnitude of Sunday school - no talking, parental discipline, and love in culture which wholeheartedly embrace "it takes a village to raise a child" philosophy. 

We stand corrected in love, and humbled to shed more insights on these topics in retrospect to our richly cultured childhood experiences. Sunday school was, and still a vital component that lays the bricks to a well founded Christian child. The teacher's were/are amazing, and we remember the pristine silence as they told Biblical stories of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Isaac, and on and on. I remember, I didn't want to eat any food as slippery as Okro, so that Jesus doesn't slip and fall as He lived in me; Hm!

Even though, the collection money went to the ice cream vendor in the parking some Sundays when Lucifer tempted us, we've been saved through Christ our Lord. Sunday School solidified friendship at such a young age and instilled in us the significance of spirituality, and the positive outcomes of doing good. 

Parental disciple without a doubt is key to our success. Lessons learned are infinite, and the positive attributes are many. It was problematic however in school, when the teacher's went beyond the walls of discipline. It curtailed a negative connotation toward elementary education, We'll buy a cane next time we go to Ghana, and pay a few teachers a visit.

When you did something wrong in the community, your neighbor didn't hesitate to wear the shoes of your parent's- eish!! Asem ni'e! Anyone older than you was respected, the elderly man was Da'd/Uncle/Brother/ and the woman Mama/Auntie/Sister. Therefore, at all times, we had no choice but to be on our best behavior. Good deed's we well bosomed. 

There has to be a another post in regards to humble beginnings, we're recollecting lot's of memories- stay tuned.

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