Spicing Up Our Relationship 3

by - February 05, 2013

We keep our love spices burning at all times, valuing all the times and the moments we share, be it at home on the phone.  With technology comes great perks in communication, but sometimes it takes away to humanistic aspect of communication, we love to talk to each other without the phones being on.  Just my Love and I, with good soothing music tingling in our ears, we talk of how love has brought us together, how we can better, love more, and love more, and love more, and more...

When we talk, we talk for hours, about us, about our future expectations, caring for our aging parents, and ways to be outstanding role models for all who look up to us. 
Oh! We moreover talk of how to better this blog. :>
In Spicing Up Our Relationship 2, we promised to explore and surprise ideas, how we work together, and how we "treat ourselves", so here we go........
Surprise ideas

Always be creative, get to know him/her more each day, and you will be filled with ideas for a lifetime....Last night I promised him we were going out for dinner, but he had to come home to pick me up, little did he know that I made Banku and Okra soup, the look on his face was priceless. Such a beautiful moment we cherish so much.

We love aromatherapy, and we explore various heavenly flavors. Imagine after our long day’s work, we walk home into the sweet smell of ocean breeze hmmm…it takes all that work stress away.
For the sake of heavenly bliss, and healthy living, please treat yourself, single, married or unsure. Bath & Body Works has an amazing selection of body oils to soothe your inner peace, as well as soothing smells for wall plug-ins. This is much needed. Once a week, not a bad idea, weekends always a great idea...

God Has Blessed Our Love…

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