How To Keep A Good Relationship - 3 Simple Steps

by - April 04, 2013

Whether it's a good friendship or a love relationship, worry no more, we have unkinked some suggestions here for you. By the way these suggestions are concrete. Yep! We Live Them..

1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness
The first step is to keep a positive relationship with yourself. Do all the things you would expect someone to do for you to yourself. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, therefore, keep your appearance as "sanitarily healthy" as possible.  You are a King/Queen, it's vital that you smell good at all times. Don't get carried away with overly pungent smells, keep it nature and mellow, but distinctive.
Alway smell good.  Get all the sweat off the "pits" and allow your body to breathe natures freshness. Lime based deodorizers work marvelous from numerous studies. Aside your body secreting hormones to attract the opposite sex, keeping your body clean and skin healthy boost your confidence level and cuts down on your stress level as well.

2. Eat Well, Eat Consciously
How long do you want to live? Still thinking about the answer? Be confident in choosing your answer....Came up with a number? Most people asked this question in our mini-survey, emphasized on the quality of life as compared to age live. We highly agree with them and this is the reason why. Live everyday with poise, determination and self-consciousness. Decide to live long for sake of human procreation, and decide to eat well, healthy and be conscious of what you eat. In our past post 2 Tips To A Healthy Relationship we emphasized on staying healthy. Engulf your food choices to low saturated fat, high fiber, low salt. American Heart Association Nutrition Center  is filled with great nutritional choices.

3. Stay Sexy
We literally mean it. Look stunning whenever you go out, keep it simple, classy and be yourself. In our next post, we'll write more details of dressing for success, and building your self-esteem fashionable.

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