From The Moment We Talked, I Knew She Was The One

by - June 15, 2013

I would always see this pretty woman at church on Sunday's, this will be the  only time I would see her. She always looked amazing, her beautiful smile,  the way she carried herself, was resplendent.  I would smile at her sometimes and we would have with petty talks,  coincidentally at times, we would sit close to each other at Church. Hmm!

This will all change the Sunday we talked at Church. We talked, and we talked, and giggled like kids; God,  please absolve us for talking during the sermon. From then on, and other interesting and fruitful conversations,  I knew she was the one. That moment was golden. I still remember that day so vividly.
God is Good.

So many great qualities about her; her smile, her sense of humor, her silliness, echoed laugh, beautiful character, and on-and-on and on............Simply and Humbly put "God has blessed me with and angel".

Love Always,
Dennis and Lilian
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