Happy Fathers Day

by - June 16, 2013

Dad's  role in my life has been a heartily cherished one. I'm the man I am today because of the love, the support, and the mentoring of my father. He's no miracle worker, but his love for our family is endless. It feels good to be writing about him, I smile at the many great milestones God has blessed us with as a family. I pray for God's blessings infinitely for him on this special day.

It feels good to have a father who is always proud of me. As a child, and now a man, his love has instilled confidence for me. I hear his voice constantly in all I do, "keep striving  for success, dad is proud of you".  I remember as a child,  I'd always brag to my friends about my dad.  I still do. I cant help it, the guy  so cool though, very Fashionable, Spiritual, Loving to our Loving Mother, and the Head of our Family. What more can a son ask for? 

He always kept me upbeat in fashion trends as a child- tailored suits always  and thought me the significance of creating that first impression.  My brother's and I stayed trendy at all times, and befriended the iron at early age. I cant forget his doctrines on cleanliness, and constantly reinforced the significance of higher education and living a positive lifestyle. 

We had so many great moments together, and we continue to; however, this one is the most cherished; the first time we went fishing together. We went to River Densu, I can still hear the birds, and crickets and sound of the river as it romanced the rocks. It was an amazing sight, the trees so green, and the atmosphere was serene and peaceful, I must admit, I was excitedly nervous at first, but as the day went by, I  enjoyed every bit of it. He held my hand most of the time, and with each catch, my eyes got wider and wider in excitement and suspense. 

I can write about dad infinitely, but, I'll keep is short today, Happy Fathers Day Dad,  and I Thank God for you. 

I Love You,

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