10 Style Tips for 2014

by - December 28, 2013

1. Get Skeletons Out Of Your Closet
Part ways with a common bad habit- hoarding. Take a deep breath, and let
go of all the clothes you haven't had a reason to wear, we know its tough,
but guess what? If you spent so much money on them and haven't worn them,
chances are you might never wear them. Let go, to make room for the
newness in 2014.

2. Get Measured.
Very important. Baggy has eased out of style, unless you plan to bring it
back.Please stop by the nearest tailor/seamstress and get measured
professionally. Knowing the right measurements, allow you to know what
to buy. Write down your measurements, memorize them, know them, breath
them, store them up in your phone- the best option we....think.

3. Sort Out Your Clothes
The shirts, the pants, the blazers, suits, jackets, sweaters, and all members
of your elite closet/wardrobe live longer if they are well kept.  Hang them
well, take it up a notch, color coordinate them; if you have more room, you
might be able to coordinate outfits before you wear them- this cuts down
on time when you have to somewhere impromptu. Fellas, the ladies love an
organized man- hint hint.
4. Keep A Budget
Please don't go crazy on a shopping spree, just keep it simple, shop on sale
items. Yep! The best kept secret to staying trendy- shop on sale items. Plan
a budget, and don't exhaust all means, remember, we preach on this blog to
look good inside-out. ASOS, FOREVER21, H&M, ZARA, J-CREW, GAP
have great deals.

5. Shop Smart
The simplest way to shop for fashion trends is to shop based on new trends,
and most importantly, shop to your taste. If you see an outfit you'd like to
own in any fashion magazine or on social media, take a picture of it, or print
it out and take it to your favorite store. We've tried it, and it works well.
Also, don't wait till the weekend to shop, some stores replenish items on
Wednesdays and Thursdays, so take advantage.
We want you to look good,  be happy in what you wear, and save money;
also, prevent you from going crazy spending intoxicated, therefore, we
highly encourage you to utilize coupons- once mailed to your home, or from
friends. If you're a student or a veteran, please ask at the counter if they
offer discounts before you check out-  this means that  you need your
student ID/ military ID to go shopping- sounds awkward, but you'll be a
happy camper with all the savings.
7. Be Careful With Window Shopping
Don't come home and ask yourself whether you really like what you bought.
Leave the credit and debit cards at home if you do not plan to shop. Come
on now, be disciplined. Its tough we know, but stay grounded, new styles
are abundant in this generation of trend hungry designers.
8. Keep A Balanced Shopping List
By the end of 2014,  you want to look in your closet with smiles and good/
great fashion tangled memories. Don't buy just shirts, or just pants and keep
2 shoes. Be expansive, and be daring to try out some different colors. The
colors you wear depict your psyche, believe it or not, therefore, be yourself,
be comfortable to others eyes also. Blend up your closet/wardrobe, a little
bit of everything, clothes, fragrance, ties, watch, etc.
9. Stay Natural/Be Yourself
Keep your skin tone, keep your style simple and unique. Please make sure
you are able to breath in what you wear, else others will not be able to breath
around you.

10. STAY HEALTHY!!!!!!!
Work out. Seriously, at least 30 minutes to and an hour a day per
American Heart Association. If you're spending all this money to 
look good, its only wise that you stay healthy. It's important that you get 
annual physical with your doctor/nurse practitioner/physician assistant,
see your dentist every 6 months, and eat low salt, low sugar, high fiber, 
good fats- avocado, coconut oil, stay away from the trans and 
highly saturated fats. 

Now you're all set for 2014.

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