5 Ways To Take Your Relationship to the Next Level

by - January 04, 2014

Happy New Year and welcome to a fascination blend of the old self, and the rejuvenated expected self. Some say a and brand new you. We have great news for you, " you don't have to wait for the new year to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul. Keep shinning, keep rising, keep loving, keep living in positivity year round, and infinity.

Each day is an opportunity to make the next day better, and each year brings us more reasons to be better, live healthier, be more human, and embrace the reality that life will go on; therefore, this year, welcome the idea that, creating a solid and healthy relationship will make this year a better, and blessed one.

Here are ways to take your relationship a notch up

1. Strengthen Your Relationship
What are some of the things you can do to strengthen your already established relationship ? Spice it up. Spice up the things that you both love about your relationship, and take it further.  We both love art, fashion, music, travel, and adventure, so for this year, we plan to take it up a notch and surprise each other based on our likes. Make this decision to strengthen your relationship often, make it unexpected. Give your better half a reason to miss you every second of time when you are away.

2. Slow Down and Love
This year, this day, henceforth, slow down. Sometimes, its easy to get caught up with work, school, and projects, but do not forget your LOVE. Slowing down will strengthen your relationship.

Let's say it together, s-l-o-w d-o-w-n. 
 We understand  you have to work, we understand you might have 2 or 3 jobs, we understand, it's tiring, we understand you have bills to pay; however, as advanced as we, death and demise continues to win, and it target's us when are most vulnerable, "When we are stressed from not slowing down". In the midst of your busy schedule(s), the last thing you want is to ignore your love. Make him/her feel loved, not ignored, make them relevant, touch, kiss, surprise each other in the simplest ways- a love not goes many miles, an unexpected hug and warm kiss is healing, so slow down and Love

3. Apologize, You're Imperfect
We are still looking for the one person or person's who are flawless in their personal lives and in their relationship- so please let us know when you find one at theafricankingandqueen@gmail.com. Guys, it's okay to be wrong, and sometimes being wrong confirms that you are human. Its vital that you understand that being in a relationship, does not nullify you from being wrong. It actually sets a stage for your vulnerability, and shed's more light on your ignored weakness. With each apology, learn not to repeat them, and mean your apologies; this will take your relationship to the next level.

4. Pray Together Without Ceasing
This should have been the first point, but any who, Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray, and keep on praying- with faith, with purpose, with confidence, with dialogue, and believe in your prayer, and it will be answered. Without prayer, we would not have made it this far in our relationship. God has been the light in our paths, and has opened more doors for us; at times when we were or have been to weak to pry, He strengthens us. Godliness in a relationship is evidenced by a strong bond of positivity, and creates a solid foundation for any loving, and lasting relationship. Pray always, before you eat, pray whether someone is looking or not,  pray in all situations- good or challenging; and believe that your prayers will be answered.

5. Plan Your Week Together
Planing your week together is easier than planning a year or a month.  Remember, key phrase here is "your week"; this means that, in spite of your busy work work schedule, you as a couple can make smile through the hurriedness. No matter what, or how busy you are, set time aside for each other, this enhances your bond, solidifies your love, and thickens the appreciation you have share.


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