Married for a Week (Written in Pidgin)

by - August 29, 2013

A week already ha! Eish, this marriage thing dey come fast fast ooo. But what we for do? We go enjoy am, every moment we go get. Ah! Life be short ooo. Make you no stress too much oo, eh! Make you no hold grudges oh! Make you live everyday with poise and vim.
As we dey look back, we see sey God wey e bless we so, ino bi sey we be special, God ooo, so so wonders Jesus dey do. We go stay humble, and sock it all up with humility. 

These days, we dey sleep well ooo. Ah! Married man and woman- some pep wey e come dey wanna step inside eh! Chaley, ino bi small koraa. We just dey pray sey God go continue shower His blessings on us and wanna families. 

We dey thank you for keeping in touch with us. Grow with us, and grow positively in your personal lives- lets pray for each other. 

Thank you,

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