by - December 16, 2012

                                         The look of surprise; my Queen took me to National Harbor this summer 2012, it was a great trip, and I enjoyed every single bit of it. The food was great, her company was heavenly as usual. We spent time talking about facing the challenges in life, and becoming positive role models, and well in tune with Love and Happiness.

                                                  I have seen so many pictures taken like this; therefore as silly as I am and can be, I chose the best location among all places :) to take this picture smh. Well from this angle it came out just ok- I love it.
I love this.......

Leaving for church; beautiful day, some rain drizzling out, but we intentionally ignored the coats so we can lightly soak with nature- silliness is genetic

Yellow, burgandy-ish pink, so hot. The Queen herself as usual, looking ravishing and resplendent. Amazingly well coordinated with a breathtaking smile and gorgeous persona

Stepping out pavement style. She would have posed if she knew I was taking a picture of her, this came out great, I love taking un-posed pictures- they bring out the true essence of photography....I love this. Silliness is Genetic

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