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by - June 17, 2020

Gone are the days when we would blog and blog, and share so much about our growth, travels, adventures,  and our journey through life. But, these days we have soooooooooooooooooo much going on. What a bad excuse! Duh! Work, Kids, and dealing with the pandemic.

Inspite of everything going on, we honestly have a lot to be grateful for, although it has been very challenging for us a  new ( maybe not so new ) parents. Honestly, these toddlers are kicking our butt! They've kicked it, and continue to kick it. Each time we talk to friends who we assume have experience at parenting, "oh it gets better", seriously? When? How long?

From the moment we wake up in the morning, till we take the last dive onto our beds, it's non-stop. By 9pm, we are depleted of oxygen and vigor, but we keep going.  Amidst this lethargy, they spare us no mercy, and still find a way to sneak into our beds at night. Their cute pleas, and made up nightmares all enhance their bargain into our bedroom at night. This happens at least four times a week. In their adult life, we will pay them back. Oh yeah we will.

Time does fly. Not too long ago, we would make our vowels and plan on having children. We were so certain it would happen within a twinkle of an eye, but as nature would have it, it took a while, but the twins finally arrived at God's time. We've scrambled with our new titles as twin parents. A job we could not refuse, and gladly accept with open arms.  We just like to wine about it. Yup! It's therapeutic.

We had no in-service, no orientation.  Its one of those selflessjobs that everyone says "its so rewarding" , but we struggled at.  Fast forward 4 years,  we are gradually ironing out the creases, as we see them meet their milestones, and cause havoc on our walls, spill water on the carpets, intentionally micturate on themselves so they could have a long dragging laugh. And there's more, but we'll save our sanity and focus on enjoying them, as we await the rewards.

It certainly rewarding (yawing already). By Fall 2021, we would incur no more daycare costs (we hope). These kids are not cheap, and their demands are least to say autocratic and totalitarian. They seem to get along very well. Each with their own traits of some blend of our personalities and theirs. Their fascination with technology, they were born swiping, their desire to make fun of our accents, and intentionally make "a big deal out of seeing bugs", all enriches our gradual experience as new parents.

By now, at age four, we have build some mental, emotionally and physical calluses as new parents. We jokingly ask each other when we will have more, and the answer is, you guessed it, NO. At least for now, because we cant rule out miracles and the second coming of Christ, so we will leave everything to the universe.

We will be bloggin more.  We have sooooo much to share. We miss this. We still kept up with our Instagram page though. Next post will have photos, promise, promose.

Love and Peace
Lilian, Dennis, and the Twins

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