Dream Wedding: Planning

by - March 14, 2013

Written in Pidgin

Eish, this planning "no be easy"ooo. Even the guest list sef be matter. People wan wait till last minute before them go send thier address, ah! Dem just the delay tings koraa...but how we go do am? It's all good oooo.Everyday man for schedule appointment go see somebody, photographer, videographer, florist, food tasting- we dey luv the food tasting part, Chaley, how we go do am!

But so far tings be cool waa- just incase u wan know. Everyting be irie. Bokooo...We dey maintain small small, anticipating say the Big Day go come.  Wanna families make happpy waaa, wey wanna friends wan come support, so we dey give thanks to Onyankopon.

We finally finalize the bridal party. The people chao, but it's all Love. We for spread am, and keep everyone satisfied. Dem dey talk say, if somebody dey Love you ah, wey e dey come your house, so we open wanna arms to everyone.

It go be great, We know say e go be amazing, by God's grace.


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