Embrace Your Identity

by - February 01, 2014

Who you are, where you've come from, how far you've come, and the morals and cultural doctrines etched in you, are entities of your personality that cannot be disputed. You are who you are. You are human, you are built to survive and suceed. The honest truth is that, you had no choice as to what culture you will be born into,or what race or ethnicity you would be bred from; for this reason, stand firm, and welcome your cultural identity. It's a trait that you share, be proud of who you are, be confident and courageous that you succeed in everything you put your heart and mind to.

No matter how generous or ungenerous melanin has graced your skin, you will meet people who will not share the same perspectives as you; and such is life. You will come across people who have had bad experiences with people of your ethnicity, however, do not be perturbed if you exemplify positive accolades. You have nothing to prove to anyone but to yourself. The goals you set, and the achievements you receive. No one will succeed for you, you create your own success. So build your confidence and self esteem solidly.  Believe that there will be so many other people who will embrace you for who you are.

The key here is become confident in who you are, be proud to be alive, your past hurdles do not cloud the success of your future. You will face challenges with age, and with life encounters, but trust that you will succeed. Believe it, and live it. Set reasonable goals, and accomplish them with determination and dedication.  Love yourself, embrace your identity.

Thank you for reading ........

Love Always,
Lilian and Dennis

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