All This Snow - Written in Pidgin

by - February 03, 2014

Written in Pidgin 
Ah! Wey matter dis? This winter vex with we paaa...ah! So so snow, so so state of emergency, last week, this week, the week before, eish! Man for go work make some money ah, weather wan slow tings down. But how we do am......sometimes God dey see say man need rest, so this be how God dey make we know say He dey love us.

We dey enjoy am ooo. How we go do am We go have snow fight outside sef. We mix the love with the snow. Ibi good say we dry house today. Man taya ah, much needed day-off. Catch up on some school work, pay some bills, plan for the week. Thank God for days like dis, especially when we have no days off. Ino be easy but man go make am.

If just marry wey you get snow in ah, ino be small matter ooo, especially if your wife they cook a storm. If she be African, ooo by, matter ooo. Some banku bi koraa, and okra soup- Ewe style. I make fine pass chale.  If man go get snowed in that much, i def dry need treadmill. At least I dry go the kitchen once every hour. Everytine I go try go sleep small, I no dey fit- I just dey smell the soup from the kitchen, chale, today paa di'e man go put on some love weight.

In all things though man for be grateful, some dey have am bad waa, but God bless man. Imagine homeless people in dis weather? Ino be small. If you have roof for your head top, and a place to lay your head, Chale, give thanks. God dey.

Thanks for reading, Thanks waaa

So so Love,
Dennis & Lilian 

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