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by - February 05, 2014

Like all people, we all want to work traditionally and make enough money to survive. However, the toil of making some money, owe some school loans, pay as you age- all in stress and nature taking a toll on you, not to mention, the other costs and bills you inherit as you create your own nuclear families.  In todays world, that thought process gradually becomes pulseless.

The world continues to impatiently evolve at an alarming and confident rate; therefore, precious time wasted cannot be painfully recovered. We live in era where the no choice but to be successful. Be successful at all cost, but genuinely, and with gratitude to all the sacrifices you've made, or have been made for you. Obviously the definition of success is independent of ones conciousness, however, if you have to live the rest of your life owing every financial institution, tell you what, that's not life lived.

At all cost be creative. Spend time each to daydream and brainstorm. We are we continue to at all times, and so should you.

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In your quest for a suitable quality of life garnished in well earn and comfortable financial and emotional successfulness, it is of upmost importance to become a multidimensional thinker. With each second of time, the world changes, the world changes by virtue of technology, science, and the way we think as a human race based on our culture; obviously religion plays a role, but that will be on a different post.

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The perception you have of the world today determines your chance(s) of becoming success. If you've always considered and welcomed the traditional route and being a slave to Sallie Mae, and the reaping some grounding, and paying back the loans with your hard earned blood, sweat and tears, then more grace to your elbows. But, if you choose to be an outlier- as per Malcom Gladwell, you have nothing to lose, because you endeavor to take the optimist route of success as your only option.

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