Love is Sacrifice Too

by - March 02, 2014

Each day we learn something new, something unique, loving,or new perception about ourselves. Even though we are so green to marriage, we are very much awake and wholeheartedly conscious to embrace this beautiful love and continuos sacrifices that we go through. It has ultimately been by God's grace that we continue to enjoy living, loving, and marriage.

Staying positive is key, therefore, trust that we are leaving no stone unturned on our quest to living our dreams. And oh yes! We are living it. We live it by being selfless, by being respectful, and by making selfless sacrifices for ourselves.

Fulfilling all of Maslow's hierarchy of needs accordingly is an ultimatum for a successful marriage or a relationship. In a way, at six months old in marriage, we might not have the feathers to fly through the storms that older marriage couple have, but tell you what, we are living it. The sacrifices we make for ourselves as a couple is fundamental, or maybe I should say has been pivotal and essentially a stronghold in our bond. The fact that two people are able to live under the same roof, share basic amenities, and intertwine the luxury of privacy, shelter, love, companionship, etc., is a sacrificial love convenant. It's selfless, secure, wholehearted and pure.

The beauty of it all, is the growth in character, the virtue and humanness that comes with it. With each day, we grow stronger in love, become more human in understanding and caring for each other. The best part, we Cherrish this love that we share, as we courteously blog about as a true testament of how far Godliness can go. 

It's essential to stress that theultimate  components of living and loving someone and sacrificing all of you, is a selfless act that can be made pure in love only by Gods blessing. Therefore, this Sunday, if you haven't lived and loved your husband, wife, brother, sister, mother, father, uncle, aunt, cousin, grandparents or friends as much as you would want to, waste no time, love at all times. 
Love with no strings attached, it pays of. It's mind cleansing, and nourishes the heart. Love at all cost, Love in the simplest if forms. Call rather than send a Facebook message, hug rather than a handshake; take it further, a kiss on the cheek goes the shortest distance to the heart.

Love Always,

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