What A World We Live Today !

by - December 10, 2015

Two years and a lifetime ahead of us, grateful,  glad and blessed to enjoy the basic concepts of life, love, family, friendship. Must add, the peace to be living in America, makes a big difference in our day to day activities. Its only right to be grateful as we enjoy the basic amenities of life. Its so unfortunate that to say that not everyone is able to have these basic things.

As the world we live in today continues to change, mostly for good, and unfortunately some evil exist

Recent acts of terror in Mali, Kenya, Nigeria, Beruit, U.S, and  France have displaced many hearts and minds,  reshaped our global lives, perspectives and priorities. As we travel and enjoy different cultures of this beautiful planet, we continue to fine a "home" wherever we go, it excites us that  we enjoy the glamour in diverse traditions as presented in food, music, personalities and art; also, to see and imagine a world, that embodies peace, love and respect for all lies,  what a world this would be!

With saddened hearts, our condolence goes out to the world as a whole, and the trauma caused due to reasons still not understood by all humanity. This form of negativity affects all lives. Personally, it has changed our lives, hopefully not for long. We are honestly shocked that this is happening in 2015. At a time and era where technology and Science have brought us so close together as a human race, how come we misunderstand each other so much based on religion? We cannot all be of the same religion, but we can all respect each other religious values.

There are so many debates as to the authenticity of religious practices, ideologies, and perspectives, however, love, respect and kindness are universal languages very common in all lives as humans. So, how come we all these differences to affect our human dignity?

We grew up with children of all backgrounds,  we played with kids from different religions, cultures, who shared different values; however, we treated each other with respect and dignity. Honestly, having that hybrid of friendships instilled so much into us, as kids, we got to learn different cultures and valued their history the more we got to know them. Looking back after so many years, those memories have lasted lifelong, and we're glad to have had those experiences.

These negative acts haven't stopped us from broadening our multicultural values, it has made us more vocal to spread love, respect and kindness to more people across the globe. As we gear towards 2016, we plan to enjoy this culturally diverse world we live in, and enjoy more of  the basic concepts of life such as love, family, friendship, peacefulness, and more family.

Spread Love, Embrace The Beauty In Our Differences.
Thank You For Reading,
Lilian & Dennis 

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