Happy Anniversary Baby!

by - August 22, 2018

My Love, 

So when I prayed and asked God for your hand in marriage, He didn't hesitate to make it come true, in less than a lightening strike, He blessed with you. Since then, I have felt invincible, and the peace in my heart, and joy within soul, outpours every second of time. Also, my relationship with God has gotten stronger because of you, you always remind us to put God first, and He has not failed us, so and I know we are both blessed. 

From the time when you came into my life, my life has befitted better. I am more at peace and heart is always full of your love. The union we share is truly a testament of God's fulfillment of prayer and grace. I remember being single, and wanting to have someone to grow with and to accomplish my goals with. Trust me, I know how loneliness feels like. I know the difference between loneliness and being married to you. You make marriage worthwhile, and I’m happy to be your man. 

Even in our hardships, you and I are able to find a common ground to lean on. Your selflessness, and desire to live your best life by giving wholeheartedly always amazes me. It easy to brag about you, especially on a day like this, but the essence of this letter is to show you my appreciation for all you do. Baby, I appreciate you. As a father, not being home as much as you would want me to, is something I’m working on. But, when I’m home, I get to see your magic of being a mother; it’s not easy, it’s no walk in the park especially with two beautiful babies who are too golden at times to be disciplined. I saw you put Zani on time out for 2 minutes for being naughty and it was so cute. All jokes aside, seeing the art you orchestrate in keeping our home fine-tuned with love and compassion, faithfully symbolizes the God in you. 

As we continue to walk this voyage of love, every seconds that continues to tick reminds me of strength of our commitment and the sacrifices we make, therefore, it is my prayer that God remains in our marriage, and continues to grace us with countless love, more altruism, bliss, health, peace in our minds and hearts, infinitely. Loving you is the best thing for me at all times. You're always eager to explore ideas about our future, your love for our kids makes me smile always, as you make it seem like you've done this before. Your creativity is remarkable; you're pretty much a walking Pinterest everyday. I can write about you all day long, but I’ll keep it tidy and petite today. 

It turns out that our anniversary falls on a Wednesday this year, but lets turn it into a Saturday, as we did on our wedding day; maybe, not just quite, because we both work today. 

Happy anniversary baby!  I don't ask much from you, but I ask much from God for you. I ask that he continue to grace you with good health, more happiness, and always be with you. I love you so much, and I'm not shy to let the world know. I'm very proud of your accomplishments, and I cannot live a day without you. Although I just went away for a week, and I could barely sleep at night because I was not with you. 

I'm curious to see what else God has planned for us. Baby, let's continue on this love train, because, I'm enjoying every sound love makes in our lives. I'm enjoying being your man; I enjoy coming home to you for your warmth, beautiful smile, juicy hugs and kisses, your tight squeeze, and your love. 

Come here baby, Lets Toast To Another Happy Anniversary!
 I love You So Much!


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