Read This Before You Run The Staten Island Half Marathon

by - October 26, 2018

Just run. 
The NYRR Staten Island half marathon is one of those memorable races that linger on a runners mind and heart for a long time. For numerous reasons, every runner has to give this race a shot, especially, if it is in close proximity to your geographical location. Like some runners I spoke to after the race, I didn’t know much about the race until I run it, and I didn’t go searching for any authentic online reviews detailing the race.  Actually, I like being surprised by course maps, but I highly recommend not doing that for this race. I’ll tell you why shortly. 

Running the Staten Island half marathon was the longest time I’ve spent on that part of NY, and it was worth it. The scenery was quite engaging, the misty morning, blue skies, and welcoming trees amidst a breezy fall morning. The coastline and the striking views of Brooklyn, NYC and other parts of New Jersey were worth experiencing. 

Like I said earlier, it is a memorable race, and you will use all of your senses, so take a deep breath, maybe another one, and start slow. Initial descend downhill when the race starts is comforting and deceiving as it gradually welcomes you to this surprisingly hilly race. So, feel the zephyr comfortably with the way you dress, enjoy the amazing scenery, and take one step at a time making sure not to bump into anyone, or try to outpace yourself.

This race will remind you of your true self, and allow you to discover yourself in a way you never thought was possible. Trust, you will learn something new about yourself on every run, but for this particular half marathon, you have three choices, run with a clear mind, run with doubt of yourself, or run and make the best out of the stimulating experience of this race. 

The most important advise for every runner is to train before this race. Training allows you to know yourself in terms of your pace, your limits, and understand what your body is able to do. Getting up early morning in colder months could be challenging, therefore, develop a routine to overcome this. Some runners use alarms and this is ideal if it works for you, for others motivation from other runners is perfect, and for others, a strong will of self-motivation to decide to wax the cobwebs from ones eyes work well. The third option works the best for me. Once a training regimen is enforced, the better the chances of overcoming the NYRR Staten Island Half Marathon. 

Strongly advice that your training regimen incorporates multiple sessions of overcoming hills, and hills and some more hills. Ideally that’s the key for survival for the Staten Island Half Marathon. 

Cheers !

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