Medical Mission Stories: When Cash Rules in a Small Hospital in Kenya 🇰🇪

by - August 16, 2018

When Cash Rules in a Small Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya 🇰🇪This guy got hit by car today while he was waking to the bank to deposit money given to him by a co-worker. Left barely conscious, his friend had to drive him to the ER since the driver fled the scene. As he waited to be called, he had a seizure, and was rushed in, and was later stabilized. Physical exam showed head trauma ++ skull fractures and altered mentation. His frontal lobe hematoma was very paramount, with pulsation and complete absence of presence of frontal bone.  His case takes on an interesting but sad stance, it turns out that since he didn’t make it to the bank, the person who brought him to the ER was able to retrieve the money from his pocket; this was enough money to rent an ambulance to transfer him to a facility for imaging/trauma care. Not sure if he makes it.

This is just one single case of many within the short time of being here, characterizing this as sad experience will be an understatement, but if I categorize this as inhumane, I’m not sure if I stand to be politically correct/incorrect. Also, I’m not sure if this happens in the states, but as a human race, when do have make the health of others and ourselves an ultimate priority, and when does the lives of the poor become priority? From this experience, it is quite obvious that not "all" of the worlds problems can be solved in a day, but most of the worlds problems should come light in order for others to lend a helping hand. I still have a few more days here, but I’m already planning my next move, and I have so many questions and recommendations. 

What happens when we leave ? If these are the ones who make it to the hospital, how about the ones in remote areas who do not have access to healthcare and transportation? More work has to be done from the upper and lower echelons on this beautiful country to alleviate the stresses impinged on its lower class population when it comes to their health. I have so many recommendations, but this post will not be ideal, as I'm still deciphering what happened to this patient i saw earlier today. 

Moments from Kent Medical Mission...
Love Always. 

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