Magnificent Venice, Italia 1

by - October 29, 2014

So, there are many tales of this beautiful and majestic city of Venice
Before heading to Venezia, we had heard of all the splendor and seen great pictures, but tell you what, this is the only place that has wowed us both on arrival. We were speechless, stunned, and thought we were in a movie. It's surreal. Still speechless as we blog about it. 
It's magnificent, amazing, unbelievable, sorry believable, and  it's almost like a good dream, or a great fantasy become reality. We guess for the rest of this post, we'll focus on adverbs to really magnify the beauty of Venezia. Beautifully gorgeous, Venice is certainly a place to visit, preferably with a loved one, because immersed in all the glamour, are multiple avenues of self expression and endless romance. We hope you got the point. You can read the last sentence slow-ly......we saw a lot of LOoooove.................

A common hurdle to foreign travel is language barrier, however, we've learned that tourism serves as a pulsitile form of revenue for most countries, therefore, most countries provide multiple information booths or locations, and we've found this to be very helpful. We can't say the same for Paris, France- just kidding. The information provided on arrival was helpful enough to get us to our hotel. 

Enjoy the picturessssss......

More of Venice in the next post
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